• Data speaks – 30+ Years of experience – 10 years in formal Academia handling young, fresh, energetic minds and sharing knowledge, 20 years in IT Industry across the world, projects and cultures

  • Exemplary people & project management experience & expertise

  • Very sucecssful track record – be it health care project, information security, consulting, program management, entrepreneurship or running a India center.

  • People called Maqbool, boundariless, life counselor, holistic mentor.

  • Technology passion. He wrote Android programming despite his busy managerial responsibilities.

  • Developed very innovative apps, frameworks and games, by himself, in shortest span of time possible using most productive methodologies

As part of enhancing the productivity of the organizations and individuals we wanted to use this experience/expertise and offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Project/Program management

  • Employee mentoring & productivity enhancement

  • Employee counselling & de-stress program especially during pandemic and work from home

  • Project health check management

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Procurement and contract management

  • Work Life Balance index

You may have great managers. But it is always good to have an external, neutral person counsel and mentor the employees objectively, while preserving the confidentiality  which will help them open up. This may do a larger good to the organizations in addressing some hidden, unspoken & unarticulated concerns