what do we do

Solve Relevant Problems. We develop innovative products with a view to solving core problems &  challenges of the users and thereby help them enhance their personal, professional productivity &  quality of life. The solution has to fit contextually.

We have never  tried making a technology “wonder watch” that falls from the flight and yet doesn’t break. How much useful that is from the possibility perspective of someone dropping the watch from the flight.

Waterfall? Agile? DevOps?

It’s All About What Works. 

Anything that gives desired outcome!

We use very intuitive design & approach to create these products along with the technical skills, within a short span of time using Agile and DevOps kind of latest methodologies.

Simplicity is Key. Another important aspect is simplicity. Demystification. Our experience says, a solution (be it coding, process, design, management) that is simple is very robust, long lasting and easy to maintain. If the car jack inventor thought that the tool to lift the car has to be bigger than the car, we wouldn’t have had a small car jack.

Mobile Apps & Frameworks

Twin Cricket

What’s one of the biggest problems for a cricket enthusiast to watch the game on TV, especially during lockdown?

  • He/she would be disconnected with family or friends, especially cricket non-enthusiasts, during the game

  • gets resistance from other members of the family for hogging their TV time.

What if a simple app (away from the usual simulation games) makes the family say to the enthusiast “when is the next match, we want to watch with you?.

“Sounds great, isn’t it?

This simple n innovative app which engages everyone, teaches cricket live, bonds & even encourages social service (by defining gifts that help needy). It can also infuse interest as a “Learning tool”.

Just A Minute PM

Ask a question on project management or in general work related or on your career guidance

The expert will answer your question in a brief way with examples when possible, in not more than 500 characters. In other words, a maximum of 1 minute of audio, if read out

This is an attempt to share the 30+ years of expert’s knowledge across the world in various roles

You can search for a specific question in the already answered questions

Smart Number Shooter

This “No Ads” number shooter game is very simple, smart and interesting game which is not only lot of fun but tests your memory, strategy, planning, observation, math eye, focus, concentration, dexterity, aptitude, quick response and spontaneity.

In simple mode, numbers fall down one by one from top of the screen randomly and there is a base number which can be increased by pressing the “+” counter (button). Once you press it, increase the number and match the falling number, you shoot the falling number by pressing “fire” button and collect points.

As you move to next levels, the numbers start falling faster.

In advanced mode, there are some simple arithmetic equations like 7+2 (which is 9) or 2*(3+2) (which is 10) that keep falling and you have to calculate quickly in your mind and match the base number by pressing the counter and shoot. In the example above, the falling image will be 7+2 and you have to change the base number to 9 and shoot. This increase your concentration and mind power. 

Also, random numbers start falling in succession in next levels. One after another. 

If you shoot with base number not equal to falling number you will waste a bullet and it will not kill the falling number.

If the falling number reaches the base without being shot, you lose a chance.

If you exhaust chances or bullets then the game is over.

More exciting concepts and levels coming.

Have fun 🙂

cell phone, texting, hands

Smart Messaging Framework (SMSCIF)

SMSCIF works on a simple principle that the SMS commands sent by users via their mobile are captured by our system, parsed and processed to return the result to the user via SMS.

It can be considered a parallel to the Internet except that it doesn’t handle large text and images. 

Since it is a broad and robust framework, many products/services are possible that can even be designed and run by users themselves aside from the products/services offered by us.

An example is, you can take multiple choice question tests on SMS, create your own unique SMSsite (much like Website), browse Internet, schedule & manage meetings etc.

The uniqueness of this framework is:

  • Interactivity in Real-Time via SMS with products/services.
  • Comprehensiveness, Simplicity, Flexibility & Scalability
  • Available to use both via SMS, website & smart phone without the loss of continuity
  • Customizable by the user both via SMS, website & smart phone
  • Whitelist and Blacklist
  • Private & Public Customization
  • PIN mechanism for more security

Though many Value Added Services (VAS) exist today in the market by Telecom Service Providers (TSP), in our research we did not find anything like our products/services under one umbrella.

This framework was nominated under Innovative Product Category by Hyderabad Software Exporters Association (HYSEA)

Leading TSPs like BSNL and TataDocomo lauded it as one of the most innovative product.

Technology used is – PHP, MySQL, SMS Gateway, HTML

Some of the representative products/services –

Holistic Training & Education

It’s been our deep conviction that education has to be accessible and affordable to all.

That’s why we make low cost  high quality education content that is holistic in nature using the following powerful fundamental approaches for thorough learning.

“A good teacher is one who makes himself/herself progressively unnecessary”

“If you give a person a fish, you give that person a meal for once. If you teach the person in the art of catching fish, you give a meal for lifetime”

One should be enabled self-sustained at the end of the training. That’s our desired outcome and goal.

We want to release more courses based on the true learning approach towards blossoming personalities rather than like robots doing Rote or “Tips & Tricks” kind of learning which is not useful in the long run.


  • Practical examples, scenarios, anecdotes, analogies tailored to the PMP exam based on PMBOK Guide

  • Correlate best practices to your current ways through Analogies, practical examples, scenarios & anecdotes

  • Understand Project Management better in a simple way and pass PMP certification exam with confidence

  • Be enabled to answer questions from any scenario easily after understanding the subject thoroughly & easily

  • Project Management understanding based on fundamentals, basics & holistic learning

  • Get 35 Contact Hours for PMP Application Mandatory Requirement


  • Learn what is DevOps actually, away from hype and buzz words and become a truly DevOps resource

  • Learn what are the tools & techniques that are used to make DevOps effective, efficient and productive

  • Learn the entire DevOps life cycle, culture and associated knowledge to become strong from within

  • Be enabled to answer questions from any scenario easily after understanding the subject thoroughly & easily

  • Become totally DevOps enabled, very easily with practical examples & explanation from real world

  • Organizations can go through this to evaluate, train and align their team members and reap real DevOps benefits

Care Pooling (Under Progress)

Feel of your own Car & Cab

We named it CarePooling because our framework is not just about ferrying people from one place to another, it is about doing it with “care” too.

Car Pooling is so useful and needed.

Why hasn’t it then become mainstream?

Why hasn’t it become a rage?

Because, in our view, the existing products/services haven’t or haven’t been able to address/solve the need properly/fully.

Our product, which will be a part of a larger generic pooling framework, will address those issues/challenges and hence give pooling the much needed fillip to bring it into mainstream.

Our product addresses the core challenges.

  • Physical & Health Safety especially of Women, which is the main gamechanger for pooling.
  • Productive conversations
  • Meaningful team/relationship building 
  • What Is In It For Me? (WIIIFM)
  • Pooler Visibility & Familiarity (Familiarity Breeds Pooling – Pun Intended)
  • Small is Large – More Manageable
  • Detours, Waiting, Matching Time
  • Same Weather & Traffic Conditions at Start/End Location
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is developed.
  • Registered www.carepooling.in

And carepooling is not just about car pooling, it is a framework of generic pooling, cross leveraging best things for users

College to Corporate - Webinar

Maqbool gave a webinar for Dr. MGR University invitees across the world, sharing his 30+ years of experience across the world & cultures especially mentoring the freshers into the company due to his earlier formal background of academia, giving the most practical aspects.

To learn in a self-reliant way, cutting away the hype and theory surrounding the soft skills which hasn’t helped many.

Trainings - Under Progress

  • Courses in Other Local Languages

  • Search Driven Re-Usable Code Development

  • True Soft Skills

  • College To Corporate

  • Business Analysis

  • Six Sigma

Unique Learning Concept

What exactly is it?

It’s a simple & powerful concept of transferring years of knowledge that are gained by an experienced person along the journey.

Any experienced individual across domains, technologies, cultures, world, roles will have enough to share. When such people share, they share some part of their journey which itself will be so helpful to learners. Imagine, sharing the whole journey in a formal way. How useful and effective it would be.

That’s exactly what prompted us to extend the whole experiences and knowledge acquired by our leadership to be shared with the aspirants, thereby adding “those” years to the learners as much as possible and in as less time as possible.

We will be implementing our own Learning Management System (LMS) soon (any training under a $) and adding this knowledge to that. The approach will be a combination of story telling or reading a book or a biography. Knowledge shared in anecdotal and allegorical fashion.

Please write to us on what you feel about such a unique offering!