who we are

Criticalys was founded in 2013

Criticalys (pronounced Kritikyaalis) name, which is a portmanteau word from Critical and Analysis, reflects our approach, philosophy, culture, concept, commitment, creativity and contextual fluency, be it serving the customer through our consulting or imparting education or creating innovative products.

We do a thorough & critical analysis of what is the most apt solution, keeping away Hype & Jazz.

We do not like to force fit solutions or use a one-size-fits-all. It is like if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. It is about what works as a perfect solution.

We take into account, contextual/situational aspects & tailor the solution.

For us, the solution should solve some real problems and challenges and maximizing the productivity of the resources, and not just about displaying our prowess

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While driving Projects/Products Even The Smallest Project/Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.